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Prop. closing this old site
DeLynx93 DeLynx93, 2018-12-17, 00:29

Hello visitors,

I'm thinking about to completly replace this old site with a new one... This is absolutly fitting my needs, but I also feel for a change, soooooooooo let's go onto it^^

See you soon on the other side (with cookies, I hope!)

Also I wish you a nice 3rd advent =D

Cheers Lynx

Small maintenance on our server.
DeLynx93 DeLynx93, 2018-01-17, 00:20

Hello community,

today we had a small downtime of our TS3 server due to maintenance. The server was down for about 10 minutes.

We apologize for this and wish everyone a pleasant stay.

It's the 1st Advent on 3rd. December 2017
DeLynx93 DeLynx93, 2017-12-1, 15:54

Heya ^^

We wish all visitors of this website a wonderful Advent season and a sensual get-together, with that said have a wonderful time!

As always, enjoy your stay ~

A small update on the server ~
DeLynx93 DeLynx93, 2017-11-19, 06:35

Hey there,

I have just updated the server from version to If you discover any problems, please contact me via the contact details in the sidepanel.

Have a pleasant morning and a good start in the day.

Welcome to our TS3-Site on
DeLynx93 DeLynx93, 2017-10-28, 23:15

Hello and welcome to our site!

This is just an experimental attempt to create a usable TS3 site. I hope, however, that this will be a success. If you have any questions, ideas or criticism, please contact me on our TS3 server.

I wish you a pleasant stay!